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Ever had that feeling where a song hits you out of the blue? You know, one of those annoying tunes that you can’t seem to get out of your head. There’s a word for those….. they’re called tortunes. Don’t believe me, just google it. Interestingly, did you know that about a fifth of the daily searches on Google are searches that have never been done before? Quite surprisingly, people keep finding new things they know that they don’t know every day. Nevertheless, the most googled term in 2020 was, unsurprisingly, Coronavirus. Now, in the grips of the pandemic, one might have wondered how we should proceed. How does one live when one is surrounded by a virus with such incredible transmissibility? Scientists looked to introverts as they preached social distancing and a strict social diet of your four walls. An interesting trend here is that the 2020 pandemic is 3rd and hopefully the last, in a series centennial pandemic events following the Spanish flu of the 1920s and Cholera of the 1820s.

Now if any of these factoids or trends piqued your interest or made you go, ‘that’s mildly interesting, so much so that I would love to spend 2 hours, give or take, learning other interesting factoids on a Saturday afternoon,’ then you’re in luck. Maybe you get some answers right, maybe you learn something new, but hopefully you have fun and meet some interesting people, not least of whom will be Adi, a Gentle Thinker regular and your guest host for the afternoon.

Image attribution: Atur Tumasjan on Unsplash.

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