Topic 13: The flourishing of human connection

There’s no doubt that this pandemic is revealing deep fractures that have long persisted in society and is further exacerbating the economic divide. However, alongside this we are also seeing a renewed form of connection with each other and with the environment, one that is mediated not by the rules of economics, but through an acknowledgement of our shared humanity.

For almost two months, most of us have stopped working and socialising in commercial spaces.  We have virtually invited each other into our homes as meetups turned digital. Fitness and recreational activities (at least for those in a place where it’s allowed) have moved into the city’s parks. Balconies and suburban driveways around the world have become a source of happiness as people transform these spaces into isolation-block-parties, open air gyms, art exhibitions, music concerts, neighbourly drinks and platforms to show solidarity with healthcare and other frontline workers. 

In these extraordinary times, humanity connects in wonderful and creative ways.  What are some examples you have come across?  Have you participated in any of them and, most importantly, how do we sustain these positive shifts in social solidarity long after the lockdown is over?

Image credit: Louis Reed on Unsplash

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