Topic 4: Is Technology Making Us Dumber?

This month’s topic comes straight from our Gentle Thinker friends in Brisbane Hurrah for share-sies!

In 2008, the Atlantic published a controversial article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” warning that easy access to vast amounts of information online might actually be detrimental to our ability to read and think deeply. (

Recently, evidence has emerged that IQ scores have *declined* in Northern Europe. ( Why is this happening? How is technology affecting our intelligence and skills? Are our skills only changing? What useful new skills do we have that the previous generation did not?

A&S Bücherland have kindly agreed to host this meetup. Attendees are encouraged to make a 5€ contribution to assist with the venue’s running costs. Additionally, the venue has tea and coffee facilities and a selection of drinks are also available for us to purchase.


Image credit: Photo by from Pexels

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