Topic 2: Internet filters & copyright crackdowns – Who will they really protect?

In February 2019, the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission reached political agreement to modernise copyright laws for the digital age[1]. The chosen vehicle for achieving this is via the proposed “European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market”[2].

The European Commission has released a factsheet explaining the benefits of these changes. The factsheet is available for download here:

Critics argue these reforms will severely limit our ability to participate online and benefit large media conglomerates. Among the most outspoken of critics is Julia Reda, who has compiled a summary of the critique from a range of sources including academics, scientists, think tanks, human rights organisations and other politicians. This summary is available here:

Will the Directive be able to live up to its goals and keep big tech companies liable for disinformation shared using their platforms? To what extent are the concerns of critics warranted and will they be addressed in the latest version of the Directive? Who ultimately stands to benefit from these reforms?

A&S Bücherland have kindly agreed to host this meetup. Attendees are encouraged to make a 5€ contribution to assist with the venue’s running costs. Additionally, the venue has tea and coffee facilities and a selection of drinks are also available for us to purchase.

[1] “Digital Single Market: EU negotiators reach a breakthrough to modernise copyright rules”, European Commission, February 13, 2019,

[2] The full Directive is available here:

Alternatively, here are some explainer articles that are much easier to understand:




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