Topic 6: Vaccine hesitancy and the search for moral foundations

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14:00 - 16:00 Saturday 24 August

A&S Bücherland | Rintheimer Str 19. | 76131 Karlsruhe - Oststadt

Vaccine hesitancy has been identified by the World Health Organisation as one of the top ten threats to global health in 2019 [i]. At the same time, measles rates are rising in Germany [ii], across Europe [iii] and at a global level [i].

In response to this, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health has just approved a draft bill making measles vaccination compulsory and imposing penalties for non-compliance [iv]. While groups such as Germany’s paediatricans’ society welcomed the move [v], there are also concerns that a punitive approach could create greater backlash from families oppositional to vaccines [vi].

When (against all myth-busting odds) promoting objective fact is no longer enough, will understanding the moral drivers behind the anti-vax movement help to increase vaccination rates? This month, we take a look at moral foundations theory (MFT), and whether we can apply this to the reasoning behind the anti-vax movement. What does MFT tell us about the anti-vax mentality? If the theory holds, what does this mean for the latest measures toward mandatory vaccinations in Germany?

Background reading (<5 minutes):
1. The 6 moral foundations identified in MFT, listed here:
2. Common myths fuelling the anti-vax movement:


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Photo by Myriam Zilles from

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